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Guerilla Wire syndicates the feeds from frontline bloggers and independent commentators who offer a different view from the mainstream media on policy and politics.

If you’re an independent blogger, Guerilla Wire can help to drive readers to your site (see further below).

Guerilla Wire is a site from Guerilla Policy. This is a project to develop a radically different approach to conducting policy and research work.

We’ve starting with policy commentary from frontline providers of public services and the people who use services, but we want to develop the project beyond this in the future.

You can follow Guerilla Wire on Twitter at @guerillawireuk and @guerillapolicy

Guerilla Policy is also on Facebook and Google Plus.

You can contact Guerilla Policy at: info [at] guerillapolicy [dot] org

Featuring your blog on Guerilla Wire

If it’s suitable, having your blog included on the Guerilla Wire feed can help to drive traffic to your site.

In particular, the ‘Featured’ section of the homepage highlights those posts each day that we think are especially interesting or topical.

Most of these posts are drawn from the feed. If you’re a blogger, these promoted posts are really just links through to external sites such as yours. When posts are featured, in addition to the link to the post we add a picture, and sometimes edit the title to make it fit the format of the site or where it might not be immediately clear to the reader what the subject matter of the post is. Obviously this doesn’t change the original post on your site.

The site also uses an ‘iframe’, so when a reader clicks through to a post there are prominent sharing buttons at the top of the page to encourage readers to share posts more widely. For this reason, a url is created by Guerilla Wire, but your site should also record a page view for every reader directed to your site.

If you’re a blogger who has kindly allowed us to re-post some of your blogs on Guerilla Policy in the past, we’re getting in contact with you to ask whether you’re happy for us to sometimes feature your posts in this section. Similarly, if we’ve added your blog to the feed, we’ll get in contact to ask if this is okay.

You may prefer your posts not to be featured from time to time, or indeed not to be included in the feed at all, in which case please do let us know.