Frontline Friday 24th May 2013: Our favourite frontline blogs this week

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:35 PM 1,605 views

Here’s our list of ten frontline blogs we’ve particularly liked from the week of 20th May 2013. Let us know which posts we’ve missed and which other bloggers we should be following for next week’s list. Advice from Uncle Ben IanH argues that Michael Gove has every right to have strong opinions about teaching – but he doesn’t have the right to spread bullshit. Posted on Teaching Science. 3 Easy Things Gove Could Do To Improve Learning Laura McInerney suggests three simple ‘quick wins’ a government could bring in that might actually improve teaching and learning, rather than just giving teachers an extra headache. Posted on LKMco. Do black boys need black role models? David McQueen questions the received wisdom that that black boys need more role models, especially black role models, in order to achieve success. Posted on Tall. Black. One Sugar. Why are more people going to A&E? Life in the NHS examines the pressures on Emergency wards and suggests there are no easy explanations – but there are some overlooked ones. Posted on Life in the NHS. Risky business Richard Johnson explains why the Work Programme isn’t working – and why its failure holds important lessons for other areas of welfare reform. Posted on Buying Quality Performance. Memoirs of a benefits scrounger: Jobcentre sanctions me for getting a job Slutocrat describes the joys of dealing with the Job Centre. Posted on Slutocracy. Parole report Jim Brown takes time out from discussing the Government’s privatisation plans for probation, to provide an insight into how parole boards work. Posted on On Probation Blog. MPs get 30% pay rise, average worker gets 20% pay cut Scriptonite Daily notes that the Government is making work pay …just not for 99% of the population. Posted on Scriptonite Daily. You don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone CAMHS to Adult describes what it’s like to be suddenly left without adequate mental health support. Posted on CAMHS to Adult. Why the #Woolwich murder is almost certainly not about #mentalhealth Zarathustra responds to suggestions that the atrocity “must be” due to a mental health issue, and suggests that the greatest threat to humanity lies elsewhere. Posted on The World of Mentalists. We’re always interested in hearing from frontline bloggers, so if you’re interested in having your post featured on Guerilla Policy then do get in touch: [email protected]

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