Most popular Guerilla Policy posts in 2013 – 1-10

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Here are the most popular posts we’ve published this year on Guerilla Policy. Thanks to all of the frontline and independent bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to publish with Guerilla Policy in 2013 – a happy New Year to them all and best wishes for 2014. #1 What you need to know about Atos assessments “In my opinion the money given to Atos and spent on tribunals should be given to NHS GPs. They are best placed to make assessments regarding patients work capability.” Sue Jones takes notes from Scottish nurse Joyce Drummond, who has made a heartfelt apology to Atos assessment victims. Posted in May by Sue Jones at kittysjones #2 Clause 99, catch 22 – the ESA mandatory second revision and appeals “If there is anyone left in doubt that this Government’s policies are grossly unfair, and are punishing the most vulnerable of our citizens, …you need look no further than Clause 99 for evidence to verify my conjecture.” Sue Jones examines Clause 99 of the Welfare Reform Bill. Posted in February by Sue Jones at kittysjones #3 Bedroom Tax – ONLY the tenant can get rid of it and here’s how! “Dear Social Tenant, The bedroom tax is wrong and nasty, it is pernicious. If you do you will see that the way to get rid of the bedroom tax if (a) simple and (b) you have the power to do it!” Joe Halewood explains how to end to the Bedroom Tax. Posted in March by Joe Halewood at SPeye #4 Here is how the UK Govt hid 1 million jobless from official unemployment figures “One of the purported achievements of the Coalition Government’s disastrous economic policy of austerity, has been the unemployment figures. …In reality, the unemployment rate is more than double [the headline rate] in many areas.” Scriptonite Daily examines the truth about unemployment in the UK. Posted in August by Scriptonite Daily #5 Dear Mr Grayling “I’m no politician or academic, I’m just a Probation Officer, but to me it seems as if Probation are the experts in managing ‘offenders’ but we are the only people excluded from bidding for our work.” As the outsourcing of probation marches on, the Probation Officer writes an open letter to Chris Grayling. Posted in September by The Probation Officer #6 Bedroom Tax – WHY and HOW all tenants should appeal and the impact! “So come on people get circulating good quality sample letters of challenge and appeal and let’s get rid of this nasty pernicious drawn-up on the back of a fag packet bedroom tax policy.” Joe Halewood calls for support to challenge the Bedroom Tax. Posted in March by Joe Halewood at SPeye #7 Memoirs of a benefits scrounger: Jobcentre sanctions me for getting a job “My transition from good-for-nothing benefits scrounger to upstanding citizen is only a phone call away. …Turned out it wasn’t so easy.” Slutocrat recounts the rigmarole of dealing with the JobCentre. Posted in May by Slutocrat #8 Accountability, assessment and the new National Curriculum (a work in progress) “This extended disjunction between curriculum and assessment …has created unnecessary and potentially avoidable difficulties, for the Government and stakeholders alike.” Gifted Phoenix examines whether three major reforms – the new National Curriculum, its assessment and school performance tables – amount to a coherent policy package. Posted in July by Gifted Phoenix #9 Interview with a Job Centre Advisor: sanction targets and corruption revealed “@JobcentreMole is a Job Centre advisor who has taken to Twitter to speak out about the Job Centre’s unfair treatment of people who are claiming benefits. …I think that what he’s doing is very brave.” With the help of an insider, Slutocrat reveals the reality of how Job Centres treat people claiming benefits. Posted in November by Slutocrat #10 Margaret Thatcher – controversial in life and death… “When people are struggling to eat and keep their homes, money that the country can ill afford is being spent on the controversial ex Prime Minister.” Inspector Juliet Bravo reflects on the strong disagreements about Margaret Thatcher’s legacy following her death. Posted in April by Inspector Juliet Bravo

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