When amendments amount to nothing

Dr David Wrigley /   June 29, 2015 at 8:33 PM 1,373 views

Following on from the successful open letter on the dogs dinner that was the section 75 regulations – see my other entry below – the amended regulations have been released. It isn’t good news. The coalition may have changed the wording but the original intention remains. Local commissioners will in effect be forced to put services out to competitive tender in order to prevent legal challenges from companies wishing to muscle in on NHS contracts. I have decided to launch a second open letter and get as many signatures as possible to pressurise the coalition and let them know that the public DO NOT wish their NHS to be franchised out and sold off to the highest bidder. You can find my letter HERE and I would urge you to read it and sign it if you agree with its sentiments. Thank you. [The letter can also be found below] …………………………………………. Open letter on amended Section 75 regulations Dear all, I had a fantastic response to the first open letter which had over 1000 signatures. It was printed in the Daily Telegraph (click HERE) and added pressure to the coalition who eventually withdrew them in order to rewrite them. Unfortunately the rewritten regulations are no better. The English NHS is left wide open for many more commercial companies to move in a make profit from illness and disease. I have written a second letter which you will find below and intend to gather as many signatures for this open letter as possible and send it to the press in order to add further pressure on the coalition. Anyone can sign this – whether you work in the NHS or not. So ANYONE who believes in a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable NHS should sign this. Please send this link far and wide – friends, family, anyone you know! Newspapers always need certain information and not just a name. Therefore I am asking for your name, job title and location. So in the newspaper mine would look like this Dr David Wrigley, GP, Lancashire. Many thanks and below is the letter I intend to send. DEADLINE is THURSDAY 28th March midday. David @davidgwrigley More information can be found HERE Also a fantastic more detailed video explanation by Dr Lucy Reynolds can be found HERE …………………………………………. Here is the letter that will be sent to the press. Dear Sir/Madam, Andrew Lansley’s letter to CCGs (Feb 16th 2012) stated clearly ‘it is a fundamental principle of the Bill that you as commissioners should decide when and how competition should be used to serve your patients’ interests’. It is now clear this was just a sham in order to reassure those who felt uneasy about his unnecessary and unwanted legislation at a time when the Health Bill was in political peril. The recent section 75 regulations, laying out the rules NHS commissioners will have to follow, were written in a way that meant commissioning GPs would have to offer all NHS services through a competitive tendering process on the open market. After widespread protests the coalition claims to have amended the regulations but it is clear that they remain just as dangerous as the original version. They still betray ministerial assurances that CCGs would be free to commission as they see fit. CCGs will be forced to put all services out to tender in order to avoid costly and complex legal challenges. As the substance of the regulations is no different it would be irrational for MPs, peers and professional bodies who opposed the first version to support the amended regulations. Under these regulations the NHS will become a franchising business with profit seeking companies bidding for multi million pound NHS contracts and delivering them from behind the much trusted and world-renowned NHS logo. They will be able to hide details of their contracts using the excuse of ‘commercial confidentiality’ thus allowing no public scrutiny of the use of taxpayer’s money. They will also cherry pick the easy and profitable parts of the health service while undermining core NHS provision. This letter is intended to inform the public that the new NHS from April 1st will be focused on money and maximising profits from misery and illness. It is not an NHS we recognise or want in England and we call for a return to a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable English NHS. Yours, [The Survey Monkey survey can be found HERE] Courtesy of Dr David Wrigley

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