The best health blogs of 2013

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:38 PM 2,135 views

Here’s our own selection of the best blogs we’ve published this year in health. Thanks to all of the frontline and independent bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to publish with Guerilla Policy in 2013 – Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to them all. How to save the NHS “In essence it’s a guide to how to become a politically engaged citizen. It would appear that we are only going to be able to save the NHS if we can save democracy while we’re at it.” Jonathon Tomlinson reviews NHS SOS. Posted in October by Jonathon Tomlinson at Abetternhs’s Blog My warning to Jeremy Hunt on policy to abolish GP boundaries: is it fraudulent? “This patient ‘choice’ appears on the surface to be a welcome development. But as someone who has worked as a GP for over 25 years, it simply does not work…” George Farrelly explains his concerns with abolishing GP practice boundaries – and suggests what may really be behind this reform. Posted in September by George Farrelly at One GP’s Protest Health service transformation is urgently needed “The Francis report, mortality rates, the treatment of whistleblowers, relentlessly negative media coverage, and a system crisis over last winter, have combined to create a perfect storm in the NHS.” Dr Mark Newbold makes the case for transformation of the health service. Posted in September by Dr Mark Newbold Room to breathe in defence of the NHS “We need to engage with the already existing, vibrant user-led movements and NHS workers challenging conventional mental health care and think about what these movements could offer for health care as a whole.” Ramona argues that we can criticise NHS mental health care at the same time as making the case for why privatisation would be worse. Posted in July by Ramona at NHS SOS “Last year a few of us sat down and realised we needed to set the record straight on the betrayal that the NHS was subjected to by the coalition’s Health and Social Care Act.” Dr David Wrigley explains how he and his collaborators came to write their book NHS SOS. Posted in July by Dr David Wrigley Competition, choice and quality in general practice “The formulation of the patient as a ‘rational chooser’ underpins contemporary political policy, but is contradicted by studies about the experience of illness, the nature of suffering, the practice of care and the wishes of patients.” Jonathon Tomlinson explains why ‘patient choice’ fails to understand what patients really want. Posted in July by Jonathon Tomlinson at Abetternhs’s Blog Discharge is key to emergency care crisis “The crisis in emergency care has now been acknowledged as a ‘system’ problem, rather than something caused by ‘poorly performing’ acute trusts. I am sure readers of this website have known this all along.” Mark Newbold dissects the crisis in A&E. Posted in May by Dr Mark Newbold Dial ‘F’ for failure “It’s the inherently unstable system design, coupled with a management mindset that ensures all the wrong buttons are pressed when the cracks begin to show.” Simon Guilfoyle explains what’s gone wrong with the 111 service. Posted in May by Simon Guilfoyle at Insp Guilfoyle The true history of GP Out of Hours services “It is clear that  the blame for any failings and shortcomings in Out of hours GP Services should rest with not with GPs but the Primary Care Trusts which were until April 1st 2013 responsible for arranging the service.” Eric Rose provides a doctor’s history of out of hours services. Posted in May by Dr Eric Rose (@DoctorAngry) at Abetternhs’s Blog Whistleblowing about private providers will be discouraged in the new privatising NHS “We all need to be concerned about this, because since a lot of the NHS is going to be contracted out to private suppliers in the near future, the rights to whistle-blow over bad patient care is going to disappear.” Malcolm Payne shares his fears about the ‘new NHS’. Posted in January by Malcolm Payne at Social work and end-of-life care

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