Best frontline blogs this week

Chris Sherwood /   June 29, 2015 at 8:37 PM 1,665 views

Here’s our list of ten frontline blogs we’ve particularly liked from the week of 4th November. Let us know which posts we’ve missed and which other bloggers we should be following for next week’s list. Organise don’t mobilise Thomas Neumark considers the contrasting success of Mumsnet and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. Posted on Dream Housing. Dear media, a global uprising took place last night… where were you? Scriptonite Daily reflects on the mainstream media’s treatment of protest and political movements. Posted on Scriptonite Daily. Making democracy work Juxtaposed considers how to improve democracy. Posted on juxtaposed. 400,000 made destitute by new JSA sanctions regime Birmingham Against the Cuts questions how sanctions are supposed to help people find work. Posted on Birmingham Against the Cuts. In its disability policy, the Government wants to “have its cake and eat it” Jane Young looks at the Court of Appeal’s ruling on the Government’s decision to close the Independent Living Fund. Posted on Jane Young. Sick people to be forced to talk to the DWP’s own “healthcare professionals” Latentexistence looks at a new pilot scheme for disabled people, which will require them to have regular meetings with a DWP healthcare professional. Posted on Where’s the benefit? Why performance-related pay for teachers won’t improve educational achievement Angry Ex-Teacher points out the problems with performance-related pay for teachers, and how it risks distracting from what really matters in schools. Posted on Angry Ex-Teacher. Mandatory reporting – the need for caution Chris Mills examines the evidence for introducing mandatory reporting of child abuse. Posted on Chris Mills Child Protection Blog. Police can no longer be “Plan B” Nathan Constable explains why the police should no longer be Plan B. Posted on Nathan Constable. Competition killed the cat Richard Johnson looks at the experience of Serco in the outsourcing of public services. Posted on Buying Quality Performance. For the latest frontline and independent blogs, visit our sister site Guerilla Feed and follow the site on Twitter @guerillafeed We’re also always interested in hearing from frontline bloggers, so if you’re interested in having your post featured on Guerilla Policy then do get in touch: [email protected]

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