Frontline Friday 28th June 2013: Our favourite frontline blogs this week

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:35 PM 1,409 views

Here’s our list of ten frontline blogs we’ve particularly liked from the week of 24th June 2013. Let us know which posts we’ve missed and which other bloggers we should be following for next week’s list. We know where you live! David Gillon explains the impact on disabled people of stupid suggestions from think tanks and media commentators. Posted on Where’s the Benefit? Atos boss earns £44k a week while disabled fight to keep just £131 Scriptonite Daily contrasts the remuneration of IT firm boss Thierry Breton with the experience of disabled people undergoing the work capability test administered by his company. Posted on Scriptonite Daily. PIP: 20m is too small a distance The Hardest Hit explains why under the Government’s proposed new regulations people with severe mobility restrictions will not be getting the support that they need to achieve a reasonable level of independence and access to society. Posted on The Hardest Hit. Market rents tell us nothing about what we should do in social housing Steve Hilditch challenges the notion that social tenants are ‘subsidised’ in comparison to ‘market rates’ – and the policy recommendations that flow from this misunderstanding. Posted on Red Brick. Osborne hammers nail into social housing’s coffin (and landlords don’t even see it!) Joe Halewood dissects the Spending Review and argues that the real headline is the death of the social housing model due to the overall benefit cap. Posted on SPeye. Diary of a squatter Urban Wisdom shares a real-life (and ultimately unsuccessful) story of squatting, before the changes to squatting law in September 2012. Posted on Urban Wisdom. The Chaos Spending Review Constable Chaos offers an alternative solution to save money in policing. Posted on Constable Chaos. Work Programme year two result: FAIL Mike Sivier explains how the Government’s flagship Work Programme has failed to reach its own minimum standard of results – for the second year running. Posted on Vox Political. The sun shines on the righteous Jim Brown reflects on the latest twists and turns in the break-up of the probation service – and how many times we’ve been here before. Posted on On Probation. The rise of the new media In a post from the US, Jim Garrow explains why anyone can be the new media and what this means for the news. Posted on The Face of the Matter. We’re always interested in hearing from frontline bloggers, so if you’re interested in having your post featured on Guerilla Policy then do get in touch: [email protected]

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