The most read blogs of 2014 – nos. 1-10

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:39 PM 1,751 views

Here’s the most read blogs we’ve published this year on Guerilla Policy, nos. 1 to 10 (yesterday we published nos. 11-20). Thanks to all of the frontline and independent bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to publish with Guerilla Policy in 2014 – Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to them all. 1. Interview with @Jobcentremole about DWP corruption “This is the truth, if you wrote it as part of a comedy script people would say you were mad.” Slutocrat interviews JobcentreMole about the increasing politicisation of Jobcentres and the hidden campaign to frustrate people off benefits. Posted in March by Slutocrat and @JobcentreMole 2. Silence is golden – Why officers will refrain from speaking out “Blogs and tweets by serving officers that clearly tell it how it is rather than what the powers that be would have us believe, are already reducing in number as officers feel the …net closing in…” Chris Hobbs reflects on how the police deal with officers who speak out, however responsibly they do it. Posted in March by Chris Hobbs 3. ATOS’ lies: More commenters speak out! “ATOS must be stopped and held responsible, and the deliberate manipulation of the benefits system and the secret quotas and policies of the DWP and their master, Iain Duncan Smith, exposed, discredited and abolished.” Beastrabban examines the personal impact of Atos assessments. Posted in January by Beastrabban 4. Think Ahead – Why the Fast Track Mental Health Social Work Scheme is confused and poor “Read the report and weep. It is based on fallacy and factoids. It is based on leading questions and little knowledge.” CB looks at the Government’s plans for a ‘Teach First’ scheme in mental health social work. Posted in May by CB at Fighting Monsters 5. Independent Scotland: Naked and alone as UK counter-terrorist and crime fighting assets withdrawn “It is likely that Police Scotland will have planned for both possible civil disorder in the days and months after the vote in the knowledge that …they will not be receiving assistance from their colleagues south of the border in the event of a ‘yes’ vote.” Chris Hobbs considers the policing and security implications of Scottish independence. Posted in September by Chris Hobbs 6. UK becomes the first country to face a UN inquiry into disability rights violations “What kind of Government uses the media to scape-goat and stigmatise sick and disabled people, by lying and inventing statistics to “justify” the persecution of our most vulnerable citizens, and the withdrawal of their crucial lifelines and support?” Sue Jones considers the human rights of disabled people under the current government. Posted in August by kittysjones 7. A letter to Scottish voters “I would like to present an alternative view from an ordinary English person, to show that we’re not all as removed from reality as the English celebrities who put their personal abstract sense of shared citizenship above the very real needs of ordinary Scottish people.” Thomas G. Clark responds to the recent pro-union letter from celebrities. Posted in August by Thomas G. Clark at Another Angry Voice 8. Bloggers lead the campaign to reform Ofsted “Over the last year, we have seen massive, protracted and unrelenting pressure from teachers online to change how inspections work. And it’s working.” Joe Kirby provides a collection of hundreds of blogs from the teachers, school leaders and researchers who are putting pressure on Ofsted. Posted in August by Joe Kirby at Pragmatic Education 9. The independent campaigners creating a new politics “The Prospect magazine Think Tank Awards 2014 were handed out last week. Here are our own alternative ‘awards’ in recognition the independent campaigners and groups outside of the political class who have done much to raise issues, challenge the mainstream and generally provide an alternative to the what the political class thinks and thinks is important.” Posted in July by Michael Harris 10. Grayling’s political epitaph “[This blog] started as a personal whinge and discussion of practice, became embroiled in the fight against TR, and now is increasingly becoming a platform for colleagues to record their feelings.” Jim Brown shares reflections from people who work in the Probation Service on Chris Grayling’s plans for Transforming Rehabilitation. Posted in January by Jim Brown at On Probation Blog

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