From the archive: Why we need a ‘ceasefire’ on welfare reform

Rosemary /   April 13, 2015 at 8:40 PM 2,276 views


This coming week until April 16th we would like to ask all our supporters to sign up to our Thunderclap.

Many have already done so, but let’s give it a real push to send a clear message to all political parties to call a ceasefire on welfare reforms.

These reforms are causing horrendous distress and causing many to unfairly lose out on money they could be entitled too because they have been rushed through, and thus far 158,300 have been wrongly found fit for work, 1,300 died while looking for work by this brutal system and to our absolute horror 68 died while appealing. This has to be stopped! These deaths have to caused considerable harm and distress to those who are no longer with us and their families. The WCA has already been found to be discriminatory in the high court to those with mental ill health conditions.

We are the only country to have the UN looking at the way we treat sick and disabled people in such a shocking manner. Many sick and disabled people are living with chronic progressive long term conditions which will not get better, if anything, they will get worse. To keep reassessing these people is a complete waste of tax payers money, many have to appeal which is also extremely costly. Sick and disabled people would love to work but some find it impossible to do so, many already work extremely hard and contribute via their taxes. Yet many of these working people will lose their cars, which enables them to work under PIP (personal independence payment) which replaces DLA. Many will also lose out on their Personal Assistants due to the closure of the ILF fund. How is this helping people back to work and keeping those working in work, when such reforms are preventing them from doing so? This is not saving money, this is costing more than it saves long term. There is no evidence anywhere that shows sanctions actually work. The backlogs are horrendous for ESA and PIP and some are now being subjected to Universal Credit which is being piloted in some areas; this is the new universal benefit which replaces ESA, JSA, Income Support, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit for all working age people which is means tested.

Many disabled people need specialised support which isn’t always available to them and often does not go far enough to meet their needs. We say enough is enough – stop now and include sick and disabled people to find a alternative way forward. By this we don’t mean charities, we mean people who have been through this and understand it. Let us help you make sure it is right first time, and help many who can return to work or maintain those in work.

To join in Thunderclap all you have to do is sign up and share it on Twitter, Facebook, email your MP and ask them to support us, ask your friends to give you a helping hand too. Please use the following hashtags followed by your message of support to make sure the hear us loud and clear.




Thank you.

Courtesy of Rosemary at Carer Watch’s Blog

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