Frontline Friday 21st June 2013: Our favourite frontline blogs this week

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:35 PM 1,393 views

Here’s our list of ten frontline blogs we’ve particularly liked from the week of 17th June 2013. Let us know which posts we’ve missed and which other bloggers we should be following for next week’s list. The perils of being a “vulnerable” benefit claimant Jane Young argues that most sick or disabled people who are dependent on benefits are made vulnerable by the benefits system itself, which is steadily becoming less supportive and more punitive. Posted on Jane Young. PIP: A step in the right direction David Gillon reflects on how disabled rights campaigners have forced the DWP to consult again on the 20m limit imposed in the Personal Independence Payment regulations – and why they need to keep fighting. Posted on Where’s the Benefit? (See also the Where’s the Benefit? ‘PIP primer‘) You thought the bedroom tax was bad! The much worse benefit cap starts in 4 weeks!! Joe Halewood explains why the overall benefit cap will actually cost the taxpayer more and why it should be abandoned. Posted on SPeye. Debunking ConservativeHome on unqualified teachers Laura McInerney reacts to an article criticising Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg’s speech on the need for more qualified teachers. Posted on Laura McInerney. Why teaching skills without knowledge doesn’t work In one of a series of posts this week, Joe Kirby argues that detaching knowledge from skills has harmed young people’s chances of learning. Posted on Pragmatic Education.

The anatomy of high expectations

Tom Sherrington suggests that if schools cracked the issue of teaching the most able students, then the whole education system could be transformed. Posted on headguruteacher. Recent comments from Manchester City Council…A response Mike Wild, Chief Executive of Macc, discusses the comments by Geoff Little, Deputy CEO of Manchester City Council, that have sent shockwaves around the voluntary and community sector not just in Manchester but across the country. Posted on NWVCS Leaders Views. Spend to offend (the outsourcing of probation) Richard Johnson examines the Ministry of Justice’s proposed payment mechanisms for the forthcoming ‘rehabilitation programme’ contracts and suggests they are unlikely to have a significant impact on recidivism rates. Posted on Buying Quality Performance. Imagine if we said “why doesn’t HE just leave HER” in cases of domestic violence against women Systems thinking for girls turns the tables on the men who bully, threaten and intimidate women by wondering what would happen if we made them responsible for their actions. Posted on Systems thinking for girls. Dick of the day: Roy Greenslade (and his apologist ilk) Stavvers lays into the commentators who deny or trivialise violence against women and girls. Posted on Another Angry Woman. We’re always interested in hearing from frontline bloggers, so if you’re interested in having your post featured on Guerilla Policy then do get in touch: [email protected]

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