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Chris Sherwood /   June 29, 2015 at 8:37 PM 2,090 views

Here’s our list of ten frontline blogs we’ve particularly liked from the week of 11th November. Let us know which posts we’ve missed and which other bloggers we should be following for next week’s list. Protest and survive? Paul Bernal argues that the political class is both ignorant of and hostile to the right to protest. Posted on Paul Bernal’s Blog. PCCs: a year is a long time in politics Jon Harvey sets out his ‘glads and sads’ of the Police and Crime Commissioners one year on. Posted on A Just Future: Fair for All. The journey – not the destination Nathan Constable looks at the causes of stress-related sick leave amongst police officers. Posted on Nathan Constable. Inept and incompetent Labour Party make pig’s ear of bedroom tax debate Joe Halewood sets out six arguments that Labour failed to make in the debate on the bedroom tax in the House of Commons this week. Posted on SPeye. The bedroom tax vote: sticking the knife into the Lib Dems Alex Marsh looks at the politics surrounding the bedroom tax vote in the House of Commons this week. Posted on Alex’s Archives. Crowded house Thomas Neumark looks at the serious problem of overcrowded housing and argues that this is missing from the debate on the bedroom tax. Posted on Dream Housing. More #JSA stories – and comparisons with the MPs who are really ripping us off Kate Belgrave looks at the treatment of people in receipt of JSA and contrasts it with MPs and their excessive expense claims. Posted on Kate Belgrave. Alternative provision and the inclusion agenda Learning Behaviour considers the changing context of alternative provision in a time of declining resources. Posted on Learning behaviour’s blog. Academies – more reasons why they’re not the answer Education for Everyone argues that the emerging evidence base from academies shows why they’re not the answer. Posted on Education for Everyone. How dare you? Teaching personally argues that Sir Michael Wilshaw’s assumptions about teachers are wrong. Posted on teaching personally. For the latest frontline and independent blogs, visit our sister site Guerilla Feed and follow the site on Twitter @guerillafeed We’re also always interested in hearing from frontline bloggers, so if you’re interested in having your post featured on Guerilla Policy then do get in touch: [email protected]

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