Most popular Guerilla Policy posts in 2013 – 11-20

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:38 PM 1,862 views

Here are the most popular posts we’ve published this year on Guerilla Policy. Thanks to all of the frontline and independent bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to publish with Guerilla Policy in 2013 – a happy New Year to them all and best wishes for 2014. #11 MPs get 30% pay rise, average worker gets 20% pay cut “The Government is certainly Making Work Pay …just not for 99% of the population.” Scriptonite Daily urges action against widening inequality. Posted in May by Scriptonite Daily #12 How can we improve our education system? “In climbing the twin peaks of quality and equality, education in England has a steep ascent ahead. …And even the gains we think we have made in the last decade may have been illusory.” Joe Kirby examines the success of the education system – and how it can be improved. Posted in July by Joe Kirby at Pragmatic Education #13 The bedroom tax – why to and how to appeal “I believe every tenant should make a formal appeal against the bedroom tax decision and I also believe every tenant has just cause to appeal.” Joe Halewood explains how to appeal the bedroom tax. Posted in April by Joe Halewood at SPeye #14 If every tenant appeals the bedroom tax will go – direct action is needed! “The bedroom tax is also despised and I think social tenants should adopt as many direct action measures as they can to stymie …the bedroom tax process and policy.” Joe Halewood draws parallels between the poll tax and the bedroom tax. Posted in March by Joe Halewood at SPeye #15 ATOS – how often do you behave in a way that upsets other people? “I’ve done this so many times it’s taken me 5 days so far to attempt to fill the bloody thing in and I’m still not completely finished.” A bit missing explains just how draining it is to complete an ESA form. Posted in May by A bit missing #16 How I survived the first year of teaching “Keep turning up, keep thinking about learning, and keep pushing relentlessly toward it. After all, it’s only what we expect from our pupils.” Laura McInerney explains how it feels to be a new teacher. Posted in March by Laura McInerney #17 Frontline voices: The Masked AMHP “…this is a power I do not take lightly, and indeed, most of the time I am advocating for people with mental health problems and attempting to keep them out of hospital.” The Masked AMHP shares what it’s like at the frontline of mental health services. Posted in January by The Masked AMHP #18 Coalition loses billions in public money: Is the UK Govt stupid, corrupt, or both? “This is corruption. It is not the brown envelopes kind of stuff we are taught to think of as corruption. No, it is something far more insidious. It is a corrupted politics…” Scriptonite Daily examines how the Government has treated the banks and the energy providers. Posted in October by Scriptonite Daily #19 Wealth inequality in UK now equal to Nigeria, UN report “The self-reliance rhetoric from the current government might be the hardest to swallow yet, considering that so many key figures in the austerity onslaught wouldn’t know self-reliance if it smacked them in the face.” Scriptonite Daily explains how something’s trickling down – but it’s not wealth. Posted in August by Scriptonite Daily #20 If it’s not a bedroom tax then it’s not a spare room subsidy policy either “This is repetition of government propaganda. True, the cut is not called the bedroom tax. Nor is it the removal of a spare room subsidy, because there never was any such thing…” Latentexistence challenges the BBC’s reporting of the bedroom tax. Posted in May by Latentexistence

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