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Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:39 PM 2,540 views

Here’s our own selection of the best blogs we’ve published this year on Guerilla Policy. Thanks to all of the frontline and independent bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to publish with Guerilla Policy in 2014 – Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to them all. Tipping point “I think I have a few years of teaching left in me, but I am reaching tipping point. Much of what I am obliged to do as my job is becoming unpalatable. The language of mastery and progress makes me balk.” Miss Smith looks at the impact of the Coalition’s education policies on teachers and children. Posted in November by Miss Smith at Splogs A people’s manifesto “Even now in the 21st century, too many people in our country have been pushed to the margins of society. They deserve to be heard; they too deserve the support to organise collectively.” Durham Community Support Centre presents its People’s Manifesto – and explains what it is doing in its own communities to give people a voice. Posted in November by Durham Community Support Centre Notes on a scandal “Shadowy darkness and secrecy will always provide good cover for criminal acts. Let’s now shine a light into the dark corners, give those who have reason to hide, nowhere to hide.” In the wake of the report into Rotherham, Cazzypot reflects on her own experience with vulnerable children in Birmingham. Posted in August by cazzypot at cazzypotsblog Privatisation behind an invisibility cloak “I hope this explains why many of us campaign to stop the privatisation of the NHS under the disastrous Health and Social Care Act and why we oppose the private sector moving in and winning NHS contracts.” Dr David Wrigley recounts a case of the private sector’s involvement in GP services. Posted in July by Dr David Wrigley The worst is yet to come “Over the last few years I think I have become partially immune to stories about the cuts that local authorities are still required to make. In part this is because the cuts have been such a part of our life for over four years now…” We Love Local Government argues that the cuts are now biting even harder than they ever had and the worst is yet to come. Posted in July by We Love Local Government ‘Efficiency’ is the new ‘Targets’ = The massacre of the criminal justice system “I’m not looking for sympathy, just that those of us in the criminal justice system continue our fight, and support each other, as that is the only way we will prevent the implosion of the criminal justice system…” Alison Gurden looks at the impact of ‘efficiencies’ on the criminal justice system. Posted in June by Alison Gurden Housing pathology and paralysis “A few weeks ago Janan Ganesh in the FT described the UK housing market as an ‘institutionalised pathology’. The problems that the housing market is causing for the British economic and political system seemingly become ever more apparent by the day.” Alex Marsh looks at the politics of housing policy. Posted in May by Alex Marsh at Alex’s Archives The Budget and the politics of noise “A very politicised budget with little mention of young people’s interest, as the noise from the Commons chamber drowns out the politics of hope.” Puffles reflects on this week’s Budget and how policymaking has succumbed to a ‘politics of noise’. Posted in March by Puffles at A dragon’s best friend On trying to do therapy when your patient has no food or money “The Bedroom Tax, the cuts in Housing Benefit, …all of these are making life Hell for vulnerable people. Half a million going to food banks! In Britain! It’s a a national disgrace.” Masuma Rahim explains what it’s like trying to help people when the state doesn’t care. Posted in March by Masuma Rahim Britain’s 5 wealthiest families richer than poorest 12.6 million? It’s time for a People’s Budget “We need a budget that puts people first. We need a budget that places investment in the things we all need, and shares the benefits among all those who work to achieve it. We need a budget that builds the kind of society we all wish to live in.” Scriptonite calls for a People’s Budget. Posted in March by Scriptonite at Scriptonite Daily Care.Data. Why disabled people should be worried “I now think that not only is Care.Data one of the worst fiascos of the current Government, but that it represents a very real threat to disabled people and particularly to the confidentiality of their medical records…” David Gillon looks at the Government’s Care.Data scheme. Posted in March by David Gillon at Where’s the benefit? Walls of silence “I left the Metropolitan Police less than half way through the career I had hoped to have. I left because I couldn’t set foot inside a Police Station without feeling sick, faint and unable to function. I left because I felt I was a lone voice with no supporters…” Cate Moore describes the wall of silence that she experienced in the Metropolitan Police. Posted in February by Cate Moore at Catemoore’s Blog  

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