Most read posts this week 13th December 2013

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:38 PM 1,723 views

Here are the most read frontline and independent blogs this week, based on their combined views on Guerilla Policy and Guerilla Feed. #1 – Leaked Evidence Shows DWP Set Quotas For ‘Fit For Work’ Assessments by BendyGirl posted in Disability #2The law finally catches up with love by Karen JK Hart posted in Politics #3 – A Tale of Two Commissioners by Paul Gibbons posted in Politics #4 – DWP Lose Again: Atos Assessments Do Discriminate Says Appeal Court by Quinonostante posted in Mental Health #5 – The 12 Most Critical Findings of the NAO Free School Report by Laura McInerney posted in Education #6 – Cancer Diagnosis – Woeful Performance, or the Reality of General Practice? by Martin Brunet posted in Health #7 – How to deal with an Atos mole and cunningly fake, complex Messiahs by Sue Jones posted in Disability #8 – We’re all human by Law Geek posted in Justice #9 – The £74,000 question by Alex’s Archives posted in Housing #10 – #caregoesdigital – some thoughts on the journey by Shirley Ayres posted in Social Care For the latest frontline and independent blogs, visit our sister site Guerilla Feed and follow the site on Twitter @guerillafeed.

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