The best housing blogs of 2013

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Here’s our own selection of the best blogs we’ve published this year in housing. Thanks to all of the frontline and independent bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to publish with Guerilla Policy in 2013 – Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to them all. Inept and incompetent Labour Party make pig’s ear of bedroom tax debate “You still think I was cynical stating the Labour Party rationale was let’s jump on this bandwagon there’s a few votes in it for us? If so that just means they are well-meaning incompetents then doesn’t it?” Joe Halewood sets out six arguments that Labour failed to make in the debate on the bedroom tax in the House of Commons this week. Posted in November by Joe Halewood at SPeye Housing crisis? What housing crisis? “All any housing minister can do is defend the policy and squirm in interviews. But that’s no excuse for seeming to be so out of touch with the housing crisis that so many people perceive is already happening around them.” Jules Birch reviews Kris Hopkins’ first interview as the new Housing Minister. Posted in October by Jules Birch Between the Devil and the deep blue sea “…council tenants are constantly stigmatised and demonised for being ‘subsidised’. The evidence tells us that, increasingly, it is they who are doing the subsidising.” Steve Hilditch looks at how some councils are using their housing revenue account to offset the cuts being made to local authorities. Posted in October by Steve Hilditch at Red Brick People need new homes. But pumping houses into the economy isn’t the only answer… “People need new homes. But pumping houses into the economy isn’t the only answer and may be more destructive as an isolated solution than Quantitative Easing will surely prove to be…” Adam Tugwell argues that politicians miss many of the real issues when it comes to housing policy. Posted in September by Adam Tugwell Housing quality and equality “It might just be that it is impossible for public investment in social housing to keep up with the Joneses, when the Joneses are so much richer than those on low incomes.” Thomas Neumark examines how hard it is to improve the quality of social housing when society is so unequal. Posted in August by Thomas Neumark at Dream Housing Is Eric the blot on the landscape? “So Eric, how about statements promising to tackle the state of some of disrepair and terrible conditions in the worst of our private rented sector, or doing more to end the tragedy of homelessness?” Sheila Spencer challenges Eric Pickles to move on from the great bin crisis and address the real problems in housing today. Posted in August by Sheila Spencer at Red Brick Every local council got every bedroom tax decision legally and badly wrong “Everyone of the 660,000  bedroom tax decisions was legally flawed. Everyone of the 660.000 bedroom tax victims should appeal the decision. EVERY council got the bedroom tax decisions wrong.” Joe Halewood argues that bedroom tax decisions made by local authorities are flawed because they have not taken into consideration room size. Posted in August by Joe Halewood at SPeye Attacking housing benefit is not the answer, investing in new, affordable homes is “Being tough on benefits might play well in the short term, but revenue spending to meet need, rather than capital investment in new homes, will ultimately always be more expensive.” Andy Winter explains what’s wrong with the current focus on housing benefit. Posted in June by Andy Winter at Andy Winter’s BHT Blog Towards a popular left wing housing policy “To design a decent, popular housing policy we need to understand the public’s views on housing. The most obvious thing to say here is that the public, broadly, want to own a home.” Thomas Neumark offers some ideas for a popular alternative housing policy. Posted in April by Thomas Neumark at Dream Housing The casual cruelty of the bedroom tax Zarathustra recently spoke to a mother who was being hit by the Bedroom Tax. Because her son spends part of the week with her and part of the week at Dad’s, his bedroom in her home was declared a ‘spare room’. Her reply, published with her permission, explains how this came about. Posted in March by Zarathustra at The Not So Big Society

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