From the archive: Social housing in the UK – a Rolls-Royce achievement

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Social housing in the UK is a Rolls-Royce achievement. There are a substantial number of houses and flats in the UK that are warm, have low rent and are often rented out to people with long term illnesses or who live in poverty.

Compare to other European countries the UK has a good number of social housing units

You may have read about the dramatic reduction in the amount of social housing in the UK. This has certainly happened. But there are still a substantial number number of units of social housing in this UK, especially if you compare us with other European countries.


Social housing has low rents

On average these units are rented out at £83 per week, exactly half of the average for private rented accommodation. (Among those receiving housing benefit, private renters received an average weekly housing benefit payment of £115, whereas social renters received £73).

Social housing provides stability for tenants

44% of tenants in social housing have lived in same place for more than 10 years, something only 9% of private renters can say.

Most people who rent social housing are satisfied with their accommodation

84% of housing association renters and 80% of local authority renters were either very or slightly satisfied with their accommodation.

Social housing is  less likely to be damp or ‘non-decent’ than private rented accommodation

chart1 (1)

Social housing benefits people with long term illnesses or who live in poverty

Social housing in the UK means low rents, secure tenancies and accommodation that general meets a decent standard. This benefits the many people who rent from housing associations or local authorities who live in poverty or who have a long term illness.

chart1 (2)

Courtesy of Thomas Neumark at Dream Housing

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