The best Guerilla Policy blogs of 2013

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:38 PM 2,598 views

Here’s our final selection of the best blogs we’ve published this year across all of the categories on Guerilla Policy. Thanks to all of the frontline and independent bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to publish with Guerilla Policy in 2013 – a happy New Year to them all and best wishes for 2014. Competition, choice and quality in general practice “The formulation of the patient as a ‘rational chooser’ underpins contemporary political policy, but is contradicted by studies about the experience of illness, the nature of suffering, the practice of care and the wishes of patients.” Jonathon Tomlinson explains why ‘patient choice’ fails to understand what patients really want. Posted in July by Jonathon Tomlinson at Abetternhs’s Blog Parting shots – Why I left my social work post and what I’d change “While I don’t regret leaving, not really, I do wish I’d been listened to more. That more than anything, would have led me to stay.” CB describes the pressures on social workers from cuts and successive reorganisations, and why some have to leave the profession they love. Posted in September by CB at Fighting Monsters A further word on educational inequality “Living in a country where some children spend 5 hours a day in freezing classrooms, with plastic leaking roofs and mould growing through walls …is giving [some] children a fundamentally different experience. Yet it’s never what I hear challenged, and it certainly isn’t going to be changed merely by ‘improving teacher quality’.” Laura McInerney highlights a neglected issue in the education debate. Posted in May by Laura McInerney The Parliamentary Hypocritical Oath “…there is in fact very little in place to “police” MP’s in the same way all other sections of the public sector are “policed”. …They are “monitored” by a group of their peers with not a single impartial, independent person amongst them.” Snapper explains why it’s one rule for MPs, and another for those who work in the public sector. Posted in July by Snapper at The Thoughts of @CanisLupusPC Collateral damage “We know without any shadow of a doubt that there is absolutely no evidence or professional argument that can be advanced to support this Transforming Rehabilitation omnishambles that is being imposed upon us.” Jim Brown looks at what the lessons of the Work Programme could mean for the outsourcing of probation. Posted in October by Jim Brown at On Probation Blog More #JSA stories – and comparisons with the MPs who are really ripping us off “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s the gross lack of balance I can’t stand. It’s the extraordinary double standard. This is unreal. It can’t last.” Kate Belgrave looks at the treatment of people in receipt of JSA and contrasts it with MPs and their excessive expense claims. Posted in November by Kate Belgrave My reaction to Adebowale “…mental health is core police business. It always has been and it always will be. The only question is whether we want to plan and properly prepare for it as we do with many other areas of our work, or whether we can keep busking.” Michael Brown reviews the Adebowale Report into the handling of mental ill health incidents by the Metropolitan Police. Posted in May by Insp Michael Brown at Mental Health Cop The benefit cap: the real cost to local authorities “If the Local Housing Allowance caps of 2012 made preventing homelessness difficult, the Benefit Cap will make it impossible.” Romin Sutherland explains the conflict between two of the Government’s policies – and how it will hurt vulnerable families. Posted in May by Romin Sutherland at Red Brick The child protection ship is sinking: but everyone is too busy putting fires out to notice “The ship that is child protection is both on fire and letting in water fast. The passengers, made up of children, need help but the crew are badly managed, under represented and exhausted. Is it not time to build something new and fit for purpose?” The Secret Social Worker asks some difficult questions about the state of child protection. Posted in August by the Secret social worker Is Eric the blot on the landscape? “So Eric, how about statements promising to tackle the state of some of disrepair and terrible conditions in the worst of our private rented sector, or doing more to end the tragedy of homelessness?” Sheila Spencer challenges Eric Pickles to move on from the great bin crisis and address the real problems in housing today. Posted in August by Sheila Spencer at Red Brick Do we still value people for who they are? “Recently, I’ve been wondering: what happened to our society’s fundamental moral belief that people have inherent value by virtue of being human?” Jane Young reviews the Government’s welfare reforms and what they suggest about social attitudes. Posted in May by Jane Young An angry rant… about workfare, Labour and politics… “I’m angry. I haven’t been this angry for some time. …It’s an anger born of frustration and disappointment in the behaviour of our entire political elite – but in particular the Labour Party.” Paul Bernal lets rip about the lack of real alternatives in today’s politics. Posted in March by Paul Bernal

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