The best politics blogs of 2013

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:38 PM 2,141 views

Here’s our own selection of the best blogs we’ve published this year in politics. Thanks to all of the frontline and independent bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to publish with Guerilla Policy in 2013 – Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to them all. A few words on privilege… “With great privilege should come great humility. Those of us who are privileged – like me, and like Boris – should be able to find that humility. To know that we really don’t know what it’s like to live without our privilege.” Paul Bernal looks at privilege and argues that it’s easy for the rich and well–connected to think they succeeded through merit. Posted in November by Paul Bernal at Paul Bernal’s Blog Dear media, a global uprising took place last night…where were you? “If the mainstream media isn’t going to do the job, we need to. It is going to be hard, but it is not impossible.” Scriptonite Daily reflects on the mainstream media’s treatment of protest and political movements. Posted in November by Scriptonite Daily The poisonous politics of reducing unemployment “The easier political answer to the unemployment issues is to pull the fiscal and legislative levers. …And job done. Only it isn’t.” Writing in advance of George Osborne’s speech to the Conservative Party conference, Puffles laments that politicians are avoiding answering the difficult questions about unemployment. Posted in September by Puffles at A Dragon’s Best Friend Chris Huhne, rehabilitated. Too bad for everyone else. “The appearance of Chris Huhne’s weekly column is now a serious irritation. He is a crook, a liar and a cheat. His greatest talent is blaming others for all of that.” Kate Belgrave shares a few thoughts on the return of Chris Huhne and a few people she has met who’d love to be welcomed into genteel society as well, but never will be. Posted in September by Kate Belgrave Protests and government extremism “So interesting that the Taxpayers’ Alliance got a free, media-wide pass yesterday to bitch again about people on benefits…” Kate Belgrave disputes the idea that disability rights campaigners are ‘extremist’. Posted in September by Kate Belgrave Labour need to re-define what it means to be “Working Class”. And quick “By living under the shadows of 80s past, of militant and strikes, we have become terrified of identifying with anyone at all. It’s ludicrous. We speak for the worker. ALL of the workers.” Sue Marsh challenges the Labour Party to stand up for ordinary working people. Posted in August by Sue Marsh at Diary of a Benefit Scrounger The Parliamentary Hypocritical Oath “…there is in fact very little in place to “police” MP’s in the same way all other sections of the public sector are “policed”. …They are “monitored” by a group of their peers with not a single impartial, independent person amongst them.” Snapper explains why it’s one rule for MPs, and another for those who work in the public sector. Posted in July by Snapper at The Thoughts of @CanisLupusPC An angry rant… about workfare, Labour and politics… “I’m angry. I haven’t been this angry for some time. …It’s an anger born of frustration and disappointment in the behaviour of our entire political elite – but in particular the Labour Party.” Paul Bernal lets rip about the lack of real alternatives in today’s politics. Posted in March by Paul Bernal Cutting the issue “A tangible change must be the goal. Change that is not in some obvious way visible, measurable and clear can’t be celebrated.” Mark Parker looks at how community organisers turn problems into issues – and how they succeed. Posted in February by Mark Parker at Southwark Organising When will they accept responsibility? “How can the coalition expect to be taken seriously as a government, if they make cuts on an unprecedented scale over a dangerously tight timescale, but refuse even to admit there might be consequences for public services?” An anonymous correspondent criticises the “deep denial” in Government regarding the hardship being caused by cuts. Posted in February by an anonymous correspondent at Red Brick

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