The best justice blogs of 2014

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:39 PM 1,863 views

Here’s our own selection of the best blogs we’ve published this year in justice. Thanks to all of the frontline and independent bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to publish with Guerilla Policy in 2014 – Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to them all. Prisoners are a part of society. Time to face this fact “[W]hen campaigners are fighting for more prison sentences for people, remember, it costs money, and all very well locking people up and feeling satisfied when this happens. But 95% of those people at some point will return to society…” Tracey McMahon argues that society has a duty to help prisoners after they are released. Posted in October by Tracey McMahon Chris Grayling: Cooking up a prison crisis “Whichever way you choose to look at the problem, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny the facts. We have too many people in prison… and too few staff to manage them. This dangerous combination of factors is creating a highly toxic mix.” Alex Cavendish examines the pressures facing prisons. Posted in October by Alex Cavendish at Prison UK: An Insider’s View The Prime Minister’s curbs on jihadists: Meaningful action or misleading spin? Chris Hobbs is a retired Metropolitan Police Special Branch officer who spent one third of his career working at border controls in both the UK and Jamaica. In the wake of the Prime Minister’s statement on returning jihadists, he articulates the concerns of counter terrorist police and UK Border Force officers on the front line at UK air and sea ports. Posted in September by Chris Hobbs To advise, assist and befriend “[T]hese approaches distort traditional probation values of rehabilitation and undermine the humanity, caring and commitment encapsulated in the phrase ‘advise, assist and befriend’.” A Probation Officer looks at the policies and reforms affecting the probation service, and whether it can retain its founding ethos. Posted in August by A Probation Officer at Probation et al. The revolving door “So why do these men, young and old, repeatedly make their way back through the revolving door into custody? Can any intervention break this seemingly endless cycle of petty offending and short jail sentences?” Alex Cavendish looks at re-offending and what can be done to reduce it. Posted in July by Alex Cavendish at Prison UK: An Insider’s View ‘Efficiency’ is the new ‘Targets’ = The massacre of the criminal justice system “I’m not looking for sympathy, just that those of us in the criminal justice system continue our fight, and support each other, as that is the only way we will prevent the implosion of the criminal justice system…” Alison Gurden looks at the impact of ‘efficiencies’ on the criminal justice system. Posted in June by Alison Gurden Going global “We know [Transforming Rehabilitation] is proving to be a complete omnishambles, just as predicted, but Grayling seems just as determined to carry on regardless…” Jim Brown surveys the developing wreckage from the Government’s reforms to the criminal justice system. Jim Brown at On Probation Blog Books for prisoners “This policy of Grayling’s is everything to do with increasing control on prisoners. Nothing more, nothing less.” Ben Gunn explains why banning books for prisoners is a bad policy. Posted in May by Prisoner Ben at Ben’s Prison Blog Grayling’s secret revolution “Chris Grayling, the UK’s Secretary of State for Justice and “Tory attack dog”, is about to do what Thatcher and successive Prime Ministers (of all persuasions) were unable to achieve…” Richard Johnson argues that Grayling’s ‘rehabilitation revolution’ will erode the real value of the probation service in the name of short term savings. Posted in February by Richard Johnson at Buying Quality Performance G4S prison guard sleeps while prisoner takes selfie “A photograph of a prison inmate purportedly taking a selfie photograph next to a slumbering G4S prison guard has been released on twitter this morning.” Scriptonite looks at the role of G4S in delivering outsourced public services. Posted in January by Scriptonite at Scriptonite Daily

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