Open Letter to Ed Miliband – Scottish Independence

Alan Wyllie /   June 29, 2015 at 8:39 PM 2,472 views

Dear Mr Miliband, I would like to start this open letter by saying that I genuinely think that you are ‘ok’… for a politician. I don’t think that you have the connivance of Blair, the ego of Brown and you do have a social conscience – unlike Mr Cameron and his LibDem lackeys. I believe that your recent intervention in the Scottish Independence Referendum is based on good intentions but, as my gran used to say, “The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” I accept that you genuinely believe that staying within the UK is the best option for Scotland but you are wrong and I will explain why. Without oil and gas revenues, Scotland is as rich as the whole of the UK based on GDP per capita. With oil and gas revenue, Scotland becomes a very wealthy nation – with our GDP per capita being around £23,000 (£2300 higher than the UK). 10543595_899323703428651_223424022706421115_o The problem isn’t that we are ‘too skint’ – the issue is that the resources of Scotland have been grossly mismanaged. We are a wee nation but we have an abundance of resources (wealth, workers, oil, gas, renewables etc) but these resources have been mismanaged by successive Westminster governments. It is my firm belief that Scotland’s resources would be better-managed and better-allocated by folk living and working in Scotland. Or, in political terms- Scotland would always get the government that Scotland votes for – every SINGLE time. Due to this, Scotland will be able to manage our resources and determine our own political and economic future. I’ve read what you have said in the press about the Indyref and would like to pick you up on a few points. You said that your “message is simple – a Labour Government is on its way. You are missing the point, Mr Miliband. Independence is not just for the next five years – it is forever. It may be the case that Labour will win in 2015 but, inevitable, somewhere down the line, the Tories will come back into power and the vulnerable and working class in Scotland will have to, again, defend themselves from a government we never voted for. A YES vote stops that – Scots will never have a Government we didn’t vote for in an independent Scotland. You say that Scots should “vote ‘No’ … and then have a Labour government in eight months’ time, freezing energy prices, putting in place a 50p tax rate, raising the minimum wage. Again, I think you are showing your misunderstanding of the referendum debate. You may be making the mistake of viewing the Independence Referendum through party political glasses. Labour – Scottish Labour – can still offer those policies in an iScotland.  The constitution question does not impact on this aspect of party politics. Anyway, energy freezes will only last a few months – Independence will give Scots protection from energy companies that have been allowed to monopolise the whole energy market due to lax regulation. Scotland is an energy rich country yet folk are freezing to death due to fuel poverty – this is happening now, Mr Miliband, under Westminster’s watch. You said “If you want Tory policy out of Scotland then vote no. I fear that I need to disagree with you…again. If we vote NO and Labour is elected to power, you have already told us that you would NOT reverse the Tories austerity cuts. You ‘whipped’ your party into accepting the Tories welfare cap and you have agreed to the Tories spending plans. Vote NO and we WILL get Tory policy – from your party. But, that misses the whole point of the indyref  – it should transcend normal party politics. It isn’t about policies or political parties. It’s about bringing political power over Scotland back to the people of Scotland. It is simple self-determination – what happens after independence is for the voters to decide. You said that social justice will be achieved better by Scotland staying in the UK. That may be your opinion, Mr Miliband, but I would argue that the Parliament which gives us the bedroom tax, ATOS, austerity and various other nefarious policies does not have any moral high ground to preach to others about social justice. By 2020, 100,000 children in Scotland will be forced into poverty due to the policies of Westminster. That is not progressing social justice  – it’s quite the opposite. We have an explosion of foodbank use over the last four years that is directly due to Westminster policies. Over 50% of referrals to the Trussell Trust are due to ‘benefits’. Over 20% of referrals are due to ‘low wage’. These are two specific issues that could be eradicated by Westminster but, instead, Westminster policies exasperate the troubles people are facing. I no longer wants to go down that path anymore. Would you think it is a price worth paying if you were in my position? I hope that this letter makes you aware that, although I welcome your input to the independence debate, the best future for Scotland is for that future to be in the hands of the folk living in Scotland. Regards Alan Courtesy of Alan Wyllie at A Working Class Man

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