Most read posts this week 15th November 2013

Michael Harris /   June 29, 2015 at 8:37 PM 1,256 views

Here are the most read frontline and independent blogs this week, based on their combined views on Guerilla Policy and Guerilla Feed. #1 – The long and damaging shadow of Interactive Whiteboards by Mike Cameron posted in Education #2 – Coop Bank gives us a new sort of banking crisis by Toby Blume posted in Local Government #3 – Blogs for the Week Ending 8th November 2013 by Andrew Old posted in Education #4 – DPAC And MyLegalForum Survey On Job Centre, Sanctions And Work Programme by Same Difference posted in Disability #5 – Ofsted Data Dashboards: Spot the Difference by Leonard James posted in Education #6 – A Strategy Discussion with the Police by Social Worker X posted in Children #7 – #MentalHealth Commission – CentreForum in call for evidence on all aspects of care. #ukmh #wca by Quinonostante posted in Mental Health #8 – Case Studies Please! Is the Work Programme working for you? by Sue Marsh posted in Disability #9 – Mentoring – a personal support to Registered Managers by CPEA Nose posted in Children #10 – Why is this government trying to turn new mums into cash cows? by NHA Party’s Head of Press, Giselle Green, Left Foot Forward, 13.11.13 by NHAP Admin posted in Health For the latest frontline and independent blogs, visit our sister site Guerilla Feed and follow the site on Twitter @guerillafeed.

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