Best posts for Monday 29th February

Guerilla Wire /   February 28, 2016 at 7:47 PM 968 views


In case you missed them, here’s our selection of the best posts for 29th February 2016 featured on Guerilla Wire.

What is behind the rise of Donald Trump and similar demagogues? [on facing why people are angry]

Richard Hutton

The next attack on the pensions and redundancy rights of all public sector workers

Jon Rogers

The mountain of teacher workload [why retaining and attracting teachers won’t come for free]

Alex Quigley

Brexit: How much democracy would you sacrifice to reduce uncertainty?

Samuel Hooper

(Mildly) against Brexit [why I’m unconvinced by the outers’ case]

Chris Dillow

As a soft-eurosceptic the Brexit campaigners are a huge turn off

Adam Peggs

From the archive: Which ideas are damaging education?

Joe Kirby

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