Best posts for Thursday 16th Feb

Guerilla Wire /   February 16, 2017 at 6:50 AM 337 views

In case you missed them, here’s our selection of the best posts for 16th February 2017 featured on Guerilla Wire.

Low job mobility [why people not changing jobs is bad news for the economy]

Chris Dillow

No such thing as a society [we need to educate people not to walk by homelessness]

Gordon Lyew

Brexit and Trump are fundamentally a failure of the political right

Simon Wren-Lewis

The gig economy is costing the Exchequer more than £4 billion a year

Richard Murphy

At the Stoke Central hustings [at which the ineptitude of UKIP’s Paul Nuttall is laid bare]


Three questions blustering Trump must answer on Russia (but cannot)

Graham Kirby

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