Best posts for Tuesday 9th May

Guerilla Wire /   May 8, 2017 at 8:11 PM 385 views

In case you missed them, here’s our selection of the best posts for 9th May 2017 featured on Guerilla Wire.

“Strong and stable” [is Theresa May’s claim about Tory leadership supported by the evidence?]

Chris Dillow

Don’t believe the right-wing immigration lies [who oversaw the highest levels of net migration in UK history?]

Thomas G. Clark

Campaign shorts: Labour showing signs of life despite poll drubbing


Macron is marooned in a neoliberal morass from which there is a way out

Richard Murphy

The liberal centre will not hold. Halting the far-right requires a different social model

David Broder

Exclusive: the next big #Torycampaignscandal? #GE17


Karl Marx and The Sun [Marx the bogeyman to frighten people into voting Tory]

Tim Fenton

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