Guerilla Weekend – This week’s best posts

Guerilla Wire /   April 29, 2017 at 7:58 AM 701 views

In case you missed them, here’s a selection of the best posts this week from our Guerilla Daily newsletter.

Manufacturing consent: policies won’t win the election, propaganda will

Jacob Brant

How opinion polling works [clinging to illusions based on flawed surveys won’t save Labour’s fortunes]


Triple Lock Britain [the UK’s generational split is bigger than ever – and why young people need to vote]

Mike Small

Progressive alliances and the parlous state of British democracy [isn’t the real problem the lack of accountability in our politics?]

Ewen Speed

Economic competence revisited [how the media gets it wrong about the Tories’ supposed economic competence]

Simon Wren-Lewis

Under the smokescreen of Brexit Theresa May is pursuing class warfare

Richard Murphy

Corbyn’s pragmatic democratic socialism is a recipe to save capitalism from itself

Daniel Margrain

GE 2017: Socialism – Corbyn, Attlee, Sanders, Orwell, Paine and Loach [why be a socialist today]

Tom London

Does the left have to stop looking to the state for solutions?

Mike Pope

The demand for bastards [why there’s a demand for ‘strong’ leaders – and why it’s wrong]

Chris Dillow

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