Guerilla Weekend – This week’s best posts

Guerilla Wire /   August 26, 2017 at 8:51 AM 1,710 views

In case you missed them, here’s a selection of the best posts this week from our Guerilla Daily newsletter.

Willing the ends but not the means [the right fails to see how it undermines what it says it wants]

Chris Dillow

The Third Way after Corbynism [when Blairites think about the future, they cannot help but hark back to the past]


A new centrist party? It’s more than reckless – it’s pointless

Harry Mason

Centrists cling to their failed dogma even as it tears their countries apart

Samuel Hooper

Sitcom Britain [British politics is full of sitcom characters – only without the comedy]

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

Poll – British public hold contradictory views on Brexit [they’re just as confused and unrealistic as our politicians are]

Mike Shaughnessy

Brexit remains an exercise in deception [and winning an election after it is a poisoned chalice]

Simon Wren-Lewis

Patrick Minford: the authentic face of Brexit [and not in a good way]

Shiraz Socialist

There will be a long term prize for admitting Brexit isn’t viable but Labour don’t want to claim it

Richard Murphy

What can the left do in government? [Portugal shows an alternative to austerity, but investment is critical]

Tom O’Leary

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