Weekend Fiction: The Final Resting Place of Jonathan Stoakes

Mark Daniel Taylor /   December 3, 2016 at 12:00 AM 1,147 views

The body rested just outside Warwickshire. The ground was consecrated by no less than seven Catholic priests who, by performing the act, agreed that Jonathan Stoakes was not only honourable, decent and noble but also, at least by the manner of his deeds, divine. His gravestone attested to this notion and along with the date of his birth and his death it bore the line: ‘Should we in our modesty ever know again the goodness of Mr Stoakes then rejoice, for we shall live in the kingdom of Heaven.’
The walk to this grave is not an easy one and by the time Mr Prince, Viccary and Holland arrived at the site their feet were blistered and sore. Holland’s boots were only by the grace of tightly tied pieces of string able to remain on his feet.
“What sort of person gets themselves buried all the way out here?” asked Holland, breathing heavily.

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