Work and Pensions Committee to quiz the DWP over statistics!

Jayne Linney /   June 29, 2015 at 8:34 PM 1,437 views

Hi Everyone, Today I learnt that the Work and Pensions Select committee will be calling Iain Duncan Smith or one of his ministers in to explain their use of statistics. The Work and Pensions committee have decided to pull the minister (Who ever that ends up being) in for a one day session to look in to the DWPs use of statistics… In preparation they will be meeting with the UK Statistics Authority in a closed meeting to find out how these statistics should be used… To read more about this here’s an article in The FED I would like to thank every one who signed our petition and implore you to help us get the last 7,000 signatures in place to hit the magic 100,000;  we’d love to submit our petition in time for this meeting. I would also like to thank the members of the Work and Pensions Committee for their role in bringing this about and I’m sure we can find away for folks to thank them personally… And remind them that every one of these stats, every number, relates to a real person, a person that deserves our ministers to be truthful in their use of statistics and not twist and turn them till they bare little resemblance to the truth. Please share the petition lets add the weight of public opinion to this debate… Together We Can Achieve Change Courtesy of Jayne Linney

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